Hell For Another


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released July 26, 2017



all rights reserved


COVERED IN FILTH Galliano, Louisiana

One man - Multiple projects

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Track Name: Naive And Nervous
Live life slow
Crave death now

Beat up
So what
Don't stop
Get up

Love to be dragged to the ground
Hate to be fucking looked at
Don't want life to get in the way
Don't want time to just slip away

Don't stop get up

Get up now
Off of the ground
Get up now
Be fucking proud

Don't have to worry there's people here for you right now
Don't have to give up anxieties only temporary
Life is a game but you can bend the card the way you want
Time will tell and help will come when you aren't alone

You aren't alone
There's always something worth it all
Track Name: Self Sick
They want to prove something
I want to see it through
A knife in their back
I'm the one pointing it

Shoot me just to prove it
I don't care I'll do it
To bad they don't get it
I'm the one that's self sick

I cannot get through it
I'm the one that's self sick
Can't stand my reflection
I use to rejection
I cannot get it straight
Mind fucked up it's too late
Don't know else to do
I've got nothing to prove

There's nothing to do
There's no one to help
I just can't get it
I just fucking quit
Who needs help from me
I can't fucking think
I'm no use to you
Don't know what to do

Prove me wrong
I'll shut up
Clear my head
Make me doubt
Prove me wrong
I'll give in
Help me out
Shut my mouth
Track Name: Hell For Another
Leave me hanging
Kick the chair down
Don't you love me
Let me be alone

Leave me again
Can't wait longer
Help me out now
Give me the gun back

Who's to say no
Where do we go right now
Tell me something else
Don't like what I hear , shut it up

Who's to say no
Where do I go
Not sure, don't know
Leave me in the smoke

Everyone's worried
Worried about something
Everyone's nervous
Got to get out here
Got to get out here now

I want to be like you
I want to be dead like you

Get it all
Just to fall
Give it all
Not enough
Track Name: Freak
Call me a freak
Maybe I'm weak
Don't want to speak
So fucking bleak

Me out
Run away
Get back go
Leave me be

Your weird
You yell
Your odd
Oh well
Your weird
Can't cry
Your odd

Still staring
Staring at me
Snap a finger
Get away

Still shaking
Take a pill
Snap a finger
What's your deal

You're a freak
Always been
A loser
Always been one
Track Name: Less Is Best
Less is best it is
Don't want life leave it
Less is best it is
Don't want you leave me

Fuck the rest fuck them
Make it worse again
Fuck the rest fuck them
Make them go away

Give me a lesson on life
Preach to me of love and lie
Convince me I'm fine please lie
Not a chance in life just lie

Just lie
Please lie
Just lie
I'm not fine

I crawled out from my own grave
Scratched my knees and broke my nails
I crawled out from my own grave
Not a problem here today

I went to my funeral
Everyone was wanting hope
I went to my fucking wake
Not a problem here today

Show me you care
Show me a sign
Give me a reason
Why I should not die

You can't give me one reason
You can't show me a fucking sign
You aren't there why should I pray
Not a problem here today